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Assistance Options

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Resource Directory
Red Cross Assistance
Mntwc Cnty Human Services
Salvation Army
Lakeshore CAP, Inc.
SBA Disaster Assistance
Catholic Social Services
Stress/Mental Health Issues
Contracts and Contractors
USDA Farm Service Loans
Dairy 2020 Program
Storm Loss Tax Advice

As we become aware of options for assistance of all types it will be posted within this section.   

Also please check the forestry and agronomy sections listed above.

Please also see the Links and Contacts section for names and phone numbers even if they don't have a page here.

Please see the Calendar section for upcoming public meetings and events.

If you would like replacement trees planted on your property as part of the "Join Hands Day" on June 24, 2000, info about it and a form to request them can be found in that section.


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