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Dairy 2020 Program

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The damage to farms in the St. Nazianz and the surrounding area may provide an impetus for farmers to improve or expand their operations. The Wisconsin Department of Commerce offers the Dairy 2020 matching-grant program to assist in that purpose. Dairy Strategies, located in Madison, offers a variety of business planning services for dairy producers and agri-businesses, including application and implementation of the 2020 program. The Dairy Strategies web address is www.dairystrategies.com. 
Richard Otto Wiegand, a consultant for Dairy Strategies and native of Cleveland, WI, can be reached at his office in Madison toll-free at 888-249-3244 or at Cleveland on weekends at 693-8397. His email addresses are rowiegand@compuserve.com or otto@trsmith.com.


Our Approach

̃     Projects are assigned to individuals or teams whose expertise matches the requirements of the project.  When projects require knowledge not found within the Dairy Strategies staff, outside experts are brought in on a contractual basis.  This approach gives the Dairy Strategies team the depth and breadth of knowledge to deal with the complex issues facing the dairy industry today.


̃     Consulting reports are reviewed by at least two professionals before they are presented to the client, thereby assuring the very highest quality product.


̃     Appropriate analysis tools and techniques are utilized for assessing performance changes and their economic consequences.


̃     Systematic analyses of the component profit and cost centers are performed to determine their respective impact on overall business performance.

Our Products and Services


q       Dairy Business Planning providing assistance with the development and evaluation of a comprehensive business plan

q       Dairy Operations Performance Review evaluating financial, production and management opportunities for improving profitability

q       Dairy Projection / Feasibility Analysis evaluating alternatives to position your business for the future by projecting resource needs and anticipated performance

q       Human Resource Management Dairy OnTimeÔ implementing dairy work processes – a very unique, yet simple system that helps insure that dairy managers get everything done “on time all the time”.

q       Continuing Education providing producer education opportunities through the AgriSolutions Inc., and other curriculum with an emphasis on applying financial management and business planning tools to your operation

q       Management Information Systems Support providing assistance in applying information systems to improve decision-making

q       Benchmarking Performance benchmarking your performance against "your competition" through a comprehensive analysis of production and financial performance measures.

Helping position your dairy business for a profitable future.

Overview of Dairy Strategies


Dairy Strategies, LLC., is a dairy business management consulting firm, based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Dairy Strategies, LLC was established in 1997.  A team of experienced professionals has been assembled to assist dairy producers, related businesses and organizations throughout the US and internationally.  Our alliances with world-class regional, national and multi-national companies link our expertise with some of the best dairy companies in the world.


Our Mission:

To assist dairy producers, their families, customers, suppliers, and communities in the development of world class dairy systems by providing the highest quality consulting services.


Dairy Strategies, LLC
2801 International Lane, Suite 210
Madison WI  53704-3119
Phone:  608-245-3245
Fax: 608-245-3246
Toll Free:  888-249-3244
Internet: www.dairystrategies.com

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