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Hail Damage Forest Pathology

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Wisconsin DNR - Forest Health Protection, May, 2000


During May,2000, hail storms caused significant property and forest damage in central and northeastern Wisconsin.  These storms, often accompanied by high winds, caused a variety of injuries to young and established trees and shrubs. This publication describes these damages and provides management options.

White Pine 

Black Cherry



Minor Injury

Older conifers and hardwoods typically have thicker bark thus some of the trees suffered only minor damage. The aspen on the left has multiple wounds. If the tree does not suffer any further stresses (drought, defoliation), the tree can be expected to close these wounds and continue to grow.  The oak suffered minimal injury.  No management action is recommended.



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Cutting White Pine, note the brown wounds

Broken Off


Safety should be a top priority.  Cracked, leaning and otherwise compromised trees should be dealt with by professionals trained in hazard tree removal.  If you are considering a harvest maximize the value by harvesting hardwoods that will stain quickest.  
First Priority: Trees that were  broken on the main stem, exposing wood to air and moisture.  Trees with >2 large (>50 square inches) wounds in the  lower 16' of the tree. Trees with >50% of their branches destroyed. 
Second Priority:
  Trees with <50% of their branches broken or destroyed.  Trees that have uprooted relatively intact, pulling the whole root plate with them.  Trees with a few small wounds (<50 inches square). Take the time to consider all your options and consult with a professional forester for advice regarding any questions on timber sales.


For assistance with timber sales in Manitowoc Co. (if you own more than 5 acres of damaged timber) contact Scott Fischer, DNR forester, 920-755-4984.  For assistance with questions on forest health: Linda Williams willil@dnr.state.wi.us, 920-492-5872 or Jane Cummings Carlson, (cummij@dnr.state.wi.us), 608-275-3273.



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