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Lakeshore CAP, Inc.

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Lakeshore CAP, Inc.

Noel S. Ryder, CEO

Administrative Office:

540 N. 8th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220
  (920) 682-3737
  FAX (920) 686-8700

Community Offices:
Lakeshore CAP, Inc. 
131 8.3rd. Avenue
P.O. Box 791
  (920) 743-0192
  FAX (920) 746-0142


Lakeshore CAP, Inc.
930 N. 8th Street
Sheboygan, WI 53081
  (920) 803-9220
  FAX (920) 457-9220

Lakeshore CAP, Inc.
Food Pantry
1227 N. 8th Street
Sheboygan, WI 53081
  (920) 452-4123

Team Leaders

Youth Services
Darlene Wellner

Family Development
Ruth Hahnke

Community Services
Kate Miller

John Meacham

Food & Nutrition
Kathy Anderson

Fiscal Operations
Diane Leonhard

Program Support
Kate Miller

Emergency Housing Program: Provides assistance to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, Applicants must complete an intake interview and provide the date of birth, social security number and income for all household members and other relevant information regarding financial stability.

PHONE: 926-682-3737 X 117

Rental Housing: Immediate openings for spacious one bedroom apartments in Reedsville, Whitelaw and Kellnersville. Coin operated laundry, stove, and a refrigerator included. Rent based on income, subsidies may be available.

PHONE: 920-682-3737 X 116

Home Repair: Provides no interest loans for home repair and rehabilitation to income eligible, single family, owner-occupied homes purchased in the last two years.

PHONE: 920-682-3737 X 113

Home Repair: Provides low interest mortgage loans for single family, owner-occupied residential home repair.

PHONE: 920-683-5115

Home Repair: Provides loans and/or grants for units occupied by income eligible applicants for home repair and rehabilitation.

PHONE: 920-459-2780

Home Buyer Program: Provides assistance to households who are interested in home ownership. Low or no interest loans are available for down payment, closing costs, rehabilitation and/or acquisition to income eligible applicants who complete the requirements of the program.

PHONE: 920-682-3737  Ext 113

Lakeshore CAP, Inc.  -  A Community Action Agency Serving Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan Counties

Lakeshore CAP, Inc.

540 North 8th Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Phone: 920-682-3737
Fax: 920-686-8700

Lakeshore Community Action Program, Inc., is dedicated to helping potential home buyers overcome obstacles preventing them from obtaining safe, decent, and affordable housing.

Enclosed you will find information about Lakeshore CAP, Inc., and the Home Buyer Education and Financial Assistance Program.

The following guidelines are required to obtain financial assistance from Lakeshore CAP:


Applicants must go through the application, pre-qualification interview and screening process with Lakeshore CAP Home Buyer Assistance Counselor.


Applicants must meet income guidelines. The counselor will verify income.


Applicants will be interviewed by staff to determine eligibility and appropriateness for program,


Applicants must show a willingness to become a partner with Lakeshore CAP in the home buying process.


Applicants must attend the Program orientation and Home Buyers classes in order to be eligible for financial assistance.


Applicants must be able to obtain permanent mortgage financing.


Applicants can have no more than 10% of CMI in liquid assets after purchase.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our office at 92O-682-3737 extension 113.

Thank you for your interest in our program.

Christine A. Loose

Christine A. Loose
Home Buyer Assistance Counselor

Send Christine Loose e-mail


Program Description


The Lakeshore CAP, Inc. Home Buyer Education and Assistance Program is designed to assist low-to-moderate income households in Door, Calumet, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan Counties with the purchase of homes through down payment, closing costs and rehabilitation loans.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicants cannot currently own a home, but need not be a first-time home buyer.


Applicants must be verified as having low-to-moderate income (not to exceed 80% of CMI adjusted by family sire)


Applicants will be required to attend three (3) Home Buyer Education meetings held at various times and locations in the five counties.


Applicants will be required to obtain a budget counseling certification of attendance through an individual budget counseling, planning, saving and goal setting meeting.


Applicants must be able obtain permanent mortgage financing.


Applicants will agree to apply to other public funding sources allowing a variety of agencies the opportunity to assist in the home purchase and rehabilitation.


Qualified applicants will use their "Home Buyer Education" to secure housing which meets the income and needs of the family.


Applicants must be able to contribute at least $500 toward the down payment.


The home must meet minimum Housing Quality Standards (HQS) to qualify for down payment assistance.


Rehabilitation loans are available to applicants when. the home fails the HQS inspection if the repairs are minimal and the applicant has income to support additional financial assistance.


All homes must be weatherized within Six (6) months of purchase.  Weatherization assistance is available to applicants who exceed the income limits of the local weatherization agency.


Financial assistance is secured with a secondary mortgage. and loan payments begin eighteen (18) months after the purchase of the home.


Loan recipients will be required to attend periodic meetings with Lakeshore CAP staff throughout the repayment period of the loan to discuss home maintenance and budgeting issues.


Income Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Home Buyers Education and Assistance Program, an applicant’s total household income must not exceed 80% of the County Median Income (CMU, according to family size.

Household Size 

Door, Kewaunee,
Manitowoc and Sheboygan Counties
Calumet County
One 26,150 27,000
Two 29,900 30,850
Three 33,600 34,700
Four 37,350 38,550
Five 40,350 41,650
Six 43,350 44,750
Seven 46,350 47,800
Eight 49,300 50,900

If you are over the maximum income limit, you are ineligible for this program.

Lakeshore CAP, Inc. reserves the right to deny assistance based on income limitations, condition of the home, availability of rehabilitation funds and/or rehabilitation which exceeds the purchase price value limits determined by the State of Wisconsin Division of Housing (DOH).


Lakeshore CAP, Inc.

Home Buyer Education and Financial Assistance Program

Steps to Home Ownership

  1. Complete pre-qualification interview and pre-screening process with Lakeshore CAP Home Buyer Assistance Counselor to determine appropriateness for program.

  2. Return completed application, release of information and budget forms.

  3. Obtain credit report.

  4. Make appointment with Home Buyer Assistance Counselor to determine affordability and establish home ownership goals.

  5. If necessary, save money for down payment and reduce debts,

  6. Complete registration form and forward with $25.00 check or money order to attend (3) Home Buyer Education Workshops. (Workshops are scheduled when 3 to 5 applicants are determined ready for homeownership.)

  7. Attend individual budget counseling

  8. Make appointment with Home Buyer Counselor to obtain mortgage loan pre-approval from lender consortium member.

  9. Make application with other housing agencies for additional funding.

  10. Find possible homes for purchase.

  11. Narrow list to the house you want and notify Home Buyer Assistance Counselor. Counselor will assist in research about the properties assessed, fair market and appraised value to determine purchase price.

  12. Buyer makes offer to purchase with program contingencies.

  13. Offer is accepted.

  14. Rehab staff inspects house for prospective buyer and makes list of work to be done.

  15. Buyer attends individual housing counseling for commitment of down payment/closing cost and rehabilitation funds.

  16. Buyer makes the loan application and lender reviews application and credit report, appraises home and commits loan.

  17. Home Buyer Assistance Counselor and Buyer closes purchase at bank.

  18. Lakeshore CAP staff completes work specs,: homeowner commits to sweat equity, work is bid by contractors. Homeowner accepts contractor/s and work proceeds. (Homeowner, rehab staff and contractor agree on work to be done, costs and any additional work.)

  19. Final Inspection upon completion of all rehabilitation work.

  20. Homeowner attends three (3) month and eighteen (18) month budget counseling.

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