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Community Dev Block Grant 11/21/00

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Manitowoc County has hired Mid-America Planning Services, Inc. (MAPS) to administer the $249,700 Community Development Block Grant ICDBG-EAP). The County was awarded the grant by the State of Wisconsin to assist people who experienced damage during the May 12, 2000 storm, according to Nancy H. Crowley, Manitowoc County Emergency Management Director. People with a GROSS HOUSEHOLD INCOME not exceeding the 80% median income limits will be considered first, according to Crowley, with assistance for storm damage that occurred to their primary residence which insurance or any other organization did not pay for.

Crowley said there has been misinformation in the community as to who is eligible to participate in this Community Development Block Grant program. Any property owner who had uninsured damage to a primary residence that was damaged in the May 12 storm and who meets the income requirement should inquire about eligibility to participate in this COBG, she said. A committee has been appointed by the County Board to act on the recommendations of the grant administrator relative to eligible participants. All participants will remain anonymous to the committee and will be selected on a first come, first served basis if they meet eligibility requirements. The committee will have its first organizational meeting on Wednesday, November 29.

If you have questions about this grant program which is a no-payback grant, please call Barb Gabrielson, grant administrator for Mid-America Planning Services: 800-762-0665.

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