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May 18 Past Official Info

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Wis DNR has assigned additional resources for assistance with tree advice both for forestry and lawn/yard tree issues.  See details in Forestry section.

Residents of the Village of St. Nazianz, there are official notices regarding building permits and financial assistance, see Community Information.

Residents of Township Liberty, there is an official notice regarding building permits, please check Community Information.

4:00 PM  Due to heavy rains many of the crews working will be leaving for the weekend, hours for Salvation Army food service will be restricted and announced Friday.

3:00 PM  No residents of any the storm damaged area should do or allow any digging including stump grinding, mail box posts, or excavating, without first getting approval through Diggers Hotline at 800-242-8511.  Emergency service has been arranged for, there is no charge to residents for this service.  When calling Diggers Hotline, state that this is for the St. Nazianz wind storm.

9:00 AM  Rural Cleanup originally scheduled for May 20 has been postponed till May 23 due to heavy rains here, see details in Press Releases and Volunteers.

Below is outdated info, the cleanup has been rescheduled for May 23, 2000  

<See Press Release>



 Saturday May 20th Rural Storm Damage Cleanup      Background

Landowners      Volunteering hay wagons and equipment



A “Rural Storm Damage Cleanup” is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th starting at 9:00 a.m.  Those interested in assisting with the cleanup must register before helping with the cleanup and obtain a permit to be displayed at all times. Registration will be at the St. Nazianz Firehouse. [webmaster: Official location at 2:00 PM on Wednesday May 17.  As of May 16 4:00 PM the registration location was still unknown, and was to be announced.  Some press releases improperly listed the location.]  All volunteers should dress with safety in mind wearing heavy full length pants, sturdy work boots, and heavy leather gloves.  Bring a bag lunch and water.  If possible each crew should have one cell phone for emergencies.

After registering the volunteers will form crews and receive instructions.  All volunteers are urged to be extra careful with the sharp steel and debris they will encounter.  Crews will be dispatched and are asked to use their own transportation to the assigned sections.  At those locations there will be waiting hay racks and farm tractors to move the debris from the fields to the road right of way where it will be unloaded as required and then picked up later by Manitowoc County Highway crews.

            Land owners with debris in their fields should call either the Manitowoc County UW-Extension Office at 920-683-4170 or the Manitowoc County Soil & Water Department at 920-683-4183 to indicate whether they want assistance with cleanup.  Land owners should call by noon on Friday, May 19th or fax or email the attached form, if assistance in debris removal is required.  Please call one of the numbers listed above if you have questions.

People wishing to volunteer hay wagons are asked to contact the Extension office Wednesday or Thursday by phone, send the attached form, or email.  Then after assignments are decided, to drop the wagon at the proper location Friday afternoon or Saturday morning by 9:00 AM.  Please do not bring wagons or tractors to the volunteer registration area.

Volunteers with questions may call the Manitowoc County UW-Extension Office at 920-683-4170 or the Manitowoc County Soil & Water Department at 920-683-4183 for more information.


            As virtually everyone in Manitowoc County knows by now, May 12th will be a day that will not soon be forgotten.  “Midnight at Noon” was how I heard one county resident describe the severe storm that hammered much of central Manitowoc County.  St. Nazianz and surrounding areas were pummeled by strong (100+ mile per hour) winds and hail the size of golf balls or bigger.

            In addition to the severe damage in St. Nazianz, Valders and the southern portion of Manitowoc, the rural areas were also hit hard.  A damage assessment conducted by Jerry Halverson and me indicated approximately 40-50 barns, machine sheds and other out buildings were destroyed.  By our estimation, the vast majority of the damage occurred from a line approximately 1/2 mile south of English Lake Road on the north fringe and extended to Newton Road on the southern border.  Farmsteads and rural non-farm dwellings west of Range Line Road to Tomkins Road were severely impacted.  This area equates to approximately 25 square miles.  The majority of the structural damage appeared to be within this area.

            Crop damage, however, was much more widespread.  Damage to alfalfa and winter wheat was seen from approximately Highway 151 south to Cty Hwy F, approximately 8-10 miles wide.  The damage also extended from St. Nazianz to Lake Michigan.  Alfalfa and wheat fields close to St. Nazianz east to Range Line Road were “sawed” off about 1-2” above the ground.  Further from the main area of damage, the alfalfa was stripped to a height of 6-8”.  The winter wheat that was damaged will be a complete loss.  The first cutting of alfalfa is also a complete loss in much of the storm ravaged section of the county.  Several farmers have indicated that approximately 100 acres of alfalfa were destroyed on their respective farms.  The value of the first crop loss is estimated at between $100 to $150 per acre.

            Many of the farm fields are littered with debris from the buildings that were destroyed or severely damaged.  This debris is an obvious concern to farm equipment, potentially causing flat tires and mechanical damage.  In addition, debris can also end up in harvested forage and be consumed by dairy cattle and other livestock.  The resulting “hardware” disease can, and often does, kill cows and heifers.  For this reason, it is essential that this storm debris be removed from the impacted areas.

            Questions regarding the cleanup, scheduled for this Saturday, May 20th, should be directed to the Manitowoc County UW-Extension Office at 920-683-4170 or the Soil & Water Office at 920-683-4183.


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