Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

May 13

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If you were there, you'll remember what a few hundred chainsaws sound like....

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DSC00001.jpg (174092 bytes) 0513-1 Coming into St. Nazianz from the east on CTH 'C', the remains of a barn.  Lots of barns are down between St. Nazianz and Manitowoc.  As of 10pm Saturday evening most farms and rural homes outside the Village of St. Nazianz have utility power again.
DSC00002.jpg (177164 bytes) 0513-2 The yard at Miller Implement, many chopper boxes overturned, about 100 sprayer tanks in the middle of the woods a quarter mile away!
DSC00005.jpg (172044 bytes) 0513-3 Troop transport used to move volunteers into the village from the registration point.  Early estimates were that 600-1000 volunteers assisted.  Final counts on registered volunteers was 1700.
DSC00006.jpg (168972 bytes) 0513-4 I load a crew into my pickup for chain-sawing and moving branches.  Over 200 chainsaws, 10 chippers and many dump trucks were in operation.
DSC00008.jpg (177164 bytes) 0513-5 The line of contractors waiting for the security checkpoint to admit them into the town.
DSC00009.jpg (178188 bytes) 0513-6 A bit blurry but to the right of the van is a two year old insulated steel commercial building being dismantled by a excavating machine.  By Sunday this was turned into a level parking lot for staging of equipment.
DSC00012.jpg (178188 bytes) 0513-7 We worked this alley for 45 minutes, power lines down everywhere, poles were snapped like toothpicks.
DSC00013.jpg (183308 bytes) 0513-8
DSC00014.jpg (179212 bytes) 0513-9 Vinyl siding doesn't hold up too well to the pounding!  Gals had already been working 4 hours as volunteers.
DSC00015.jpg (183308 bytes) 0513-10 The original Miller shop, now without a roof. The furniture restoration business in the front has announced it will not re-open.  

Week of June 19, we will be opening a whole section of pictorial story of Village Restorations.

DSC00016.jpg (174092 bytes) 0513-11
DSC00018.jpg (173068 bytes) 0513-12
DSC00017.jpg (174092 bytes) 0513-13 Utility service crews came in from all across the state.
DSC00019.jpg (177164 bytes) 0513-14
DSC00020.jpg (174092 bytes) 0513-15 Gives new meaning to going topless.  These rafters are round poles, probably at least 125 years old.
DSC00021.jpg (172044 bytes) 0513-16 Wheel loaders begin loading several of the destroyed homes into semi's and big dumpsters and roll-off units.  Most loads with debris went to the Whitelaw Landfill site.  Semi's and dump trucks with brush and branches only dumped at the north edge of the Village.
DSC00022.jpg (178188 bytes) 0513-17 The old log cabin behind the village hall has seen better days.  My crew worked hard on this area with chainsaws and moving branches to the curb and street for hauling.  A few owners were keep fire wood , but most just wanted to get rid of it.
DSC00025.jpg (171020 bytes) 0513-18 Brush piles being loaded, generator light sets for night operations and security.
DSC00026.jpg (174092 bytes) 0513-19 Garage with two walls and roof missing.  Seminary church in background with aerial equipment working to protect interior from further damage.
DSC00027.jpg (179212 bytes) 0513-20 One of the harder hit areas at the top of the hill above the park.  Owners were just piling their belongings in the street to be loaded up by backhoes and loaders.
DSC00028.jpg (180236 bytes) 0513-21 Back yards of some of the hill houses.
DSC00029.jpg (176140 bytes) 0513-22 Garage and roof is gone, but at least he still has the TV antennae!
DSC00030.jpg (174092 bytes) 0513-23
DSC00031.jpg (177164 bytes) 0513-24 Everyone was doing what ever they could to help.  This roof has already been tarped.
DSC00032.jpg (172044 bytes) 0513-25 Somewhat in shock, this owner rakes up his grass with his 1907 family's house in the background.
DSC00033.jpg (181260 bytes) 0513-26 We cleaned up the brush and trees, around the villages pride and joy the early log cabin and the Village Hall, both historic buildings.
DSC00035.jpg (179212 bytes) 0513-27 The park, seminary church in background with big equipment working.  
DSC00036.jpg (177164 bytes) 0513-28 Probably the biggest tree in the village, note woman towards the right for size comparison.
DSC00037.jpg (171020 bytes) 0513-29 County shop brick wall covered a dump truck and made it difficult to extract the graders with plows used for initial clearing of the roads.
DSC00038.jpg (180236 bytes) 0513-30 Directly across from the command station.  Lights for the main street and the heavy equipment dispatch area.  Look through the far garage wall in front of the red car.......
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