Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

May 15

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DSC00001.jpg (108528 bytes) Repairs to the firehouse roof.
DSC00002.jpg (116400 bytes) The Village Shops have been converted to Salvation Army food and supply areas.
DSC00003.jpg (94088 bytes) Salvation Army distribution tent has been set up.
DSC00004.jpg (90590 bytes) Mobile catering unit provides hot good food to hungry crews, three served meals per day, open 24 hrs.
DSC00005.jpg (90456 bytes) A special today, sub sandwiches!  Smiling faces make the days a lot easier for all.
DSC00006.jpg (124788 bytes) Staging area for donated food stocks/
DSC00007.jpg (124427 bytes) Mobile command center, fire crews from all around the county are ready 24hrs per day in case of any complications.
DSC00008.jpg (113181 bytes) The Old St. Nazianz Village Hall, still solid even though without any windows, no significant roof damage and a few of the biggest trees left standing.
DSC00009.jpg (99511 bytes)
DSC00011.jpg (99293 bytes) The mobile home court is still only open to residents and their assistants.
DSC00012.jpg (91553 bytes) East of St. Nazianz and CTH "C" the high tension towers collapsed shutting down the interstate transfer line (and all ground traffic Friday May 12).  Crews were called in from out of state to replace the metal towers, no Wisconsin based crews work on this scale.  Likely May 19 before the line will be opened again.  Top view is north from C, bottom is south.  Note crumpled metal towers.
DSC00013.jpg (173068 bytes)
DSC00014.jpg (177164 bytes) Farm a few miles east of St. Nazianz on "C".
DSC00015.jpg (172044 bytes) Across the road..............

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