Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

May 18

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Lots more rain today.....

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DSC00001.jpg (186380 bytes) From May 13 you may remember the pic of a truck shop that used to cover this equipment, now gone..... 

Read the poster: "We're broken, not destroyed, Thank You Everyone", it shows the spirit of St Nazianz and the area is still very much alive!

The tattered flag, beat by hail, proudly flies.

DSC00002.jpg (183308 bytes) People receiving much needed supplies from the Salvation Army Supply tent.
DSC00003.jpg (183308 bytes)
DSC00004.jpg (172044 bytes) Most of the food and items have been distributed, inventories are winding down as further distribution of Salvation Army will be from a trailer next to the store in Manitowoc.
DSC00005.jpg (178188 bytes) Some of the Salvation Army team we've all grown to love, thanks to all of you for some great tasting food and coffee!!!  You kept us goin' strong as we could.
DSC00006.jpg (172044 bytes) Hungry people waiting in line for the evening meal.
DSC00007.jpg (167948 bytes) Part of the team at the Manitowoc County Emergency Management Command Post that helps keep the emergency and volunteer teams all working effectively.  

Nancy Crowley MCEM Director, Dave Rieth Howard's Grove Fire Dept and disposal co-ordinator.

Img07.jpg (28775 bytes) Photos by Dreya Braverman
Img09.jpg (23867 bytes)
Img10.jpg (21348 bytes)

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