Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

May 19

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Some pictures on this page provided by Scott Fischer, Manitowoc County Forester for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

A few of the pics are slightly cropped.  They can be reprinted or distributed by listing the source.
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Mvc-009x.jpg (57793 bytes)0519-1 Looking eastward across the old seminary grounds just south of Village of St. Nazianz.

--Photo by Scott Fischer

StNazianzMay00.jpg (76695 bytes)0519-2 A closer view of the woodlot on the south side of St. Nazianz.

--Photo by Scott Fischer

MayStorm1.jpg (199229 bytes)0519-3 After looking an many of these damaged forests, I'd say slightly more trees uprooted, than broke off. This varies by species. Many white pine broke off and few uprooted. Many sugar maple and red oak uprooted.

Why? In general the hardwood trees have a stronger stem or trunk and the weak link became the smaller diameter roots. If the tree had a weak spot in the stem from disease or poor attached branches, the tree usually broke at that point. This is a common problem with silver maple. Some of the broken trees had rot or decay starting in them and broke at that point.

I'm sure the wind speed, angle, etc. also impacted this.

-- Scott Fischer Wis DNR

--Photo by Scott Fischer
Plantation_damage.jpg (76095 bytes)0519-4 Believed to be looking north across C, 1mi east of St. Nazianz?

--Photo by Scott Fischer

Img03.jpg (34833 bytes)0519-5 The hill between West Court and the Seminary?

--Photo by Dreya Braverman

Img04.jpg (38345 bytes)0519-6 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img05.jpg (34062 bytes)0519-7 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img06.jpg (33487 bytes)0519-8 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img07.jpg (22591 bytes)0519-9 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img09.jpg (35293 bytes)0519-10 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img11.jpg (20382 bytes)0519-11 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img12.jpg (21065 bytes)0519-12 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img15.jpg (33033 bytes)0519-13 I was told by someone not on that street, that the "witches" legs were placed under the home by the wife of the trailer park owner.  Would certainly check this out before printing as a fact.  However, it sure does show a healthy sense of humor in light of everything that has happened!

--Photo and comment by Dreya Braverman

Img17.jpg (32692 bytes)0519-14 Back side of the "Wizard of Oz" house, garage floor in the foreground.

--Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img18.jpg (32048 bytes)0519-15 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img19.jpg (35465 bytes)0519-16 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img20.jpg (24545 bytes)0519-17 --Photo by Dreya Braverman


Img22.jpg (17299 bytes)0519-18 Note the flag flying upside-down--- the international distress signal.

--Photo and comment by Dreya Braverman

Img23.jpg (17200 bytes)0519-19 The "Wizard of Oz" house on West Court, garage starting to be removed in preparation for putting it back on the foundation.

--Photos by Dreya Braverman

Img25.jpg (16610 bytes)0519-20
Img27.jpg (37572 bytes)0519-21 Cheese sandwich anyone??

--Photo by Dreya Braverman


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