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May 23

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May 23, 2000, a comfortable and sunny day with lots of helpers to be found for the Rural Cleanup, including 280 students from Valders High School.  We covered about 25 square miles of fields.  

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Photos by Dreya Braverman added at bottom August 6, 2000.

Registration area.  Volunteers received instructions, Disaster Response T-shirts, garbage bags, and gloves for anyone that didn't bring their own.
One of many crews heads into wet fields with hay wagons, four wheelers, and lots of people.
In comes another load, materials were stacked on or near the road right-of-way, to be picked up by Manitowoc County Highway Department crews.
The pile grows..... pretty good for an hour and a half's worth of work!  The furthest pieces were 5/8 mile from the shed they came off.
The Mancheske farm done, it's on to the next one.
Knew you would want to see the Mrs., sporting her nice bonnet, here she is!
The top half of this barn gone, volunteers start to comb the fields for debris
New buildings start to pop up.
DSC00020.jpg (40886 bytes) The old and the new, side by side.....
DSC00021.jpg (52956 bytes) and across the road from it, the crew works on demolition.....
DSC00022.jpg (29050 bytes) Another crew 1/4 mile from the one above.  The machinery still stands were a metal machine shed used to protect it.
DSC00023.jpg (32419 bytes) Manitowoc County Highway works on picking up what owners and volunteers piled on the right of way, this shot on Highway 'C;.
DSC00024.jpg (32472 bytes) Heading south from C towards 'Borgwardt Hill'.
DSC00025.jpg (60391 bytes) This still shiny new place was spared, luckily it was 1/2 mi from the edge of the destruction.......
DSC00027.jpg (42431 bytes) With three farmsteads almost leveled, she still has a smile for the helpers.
DSC00028.jpg (22792 bytes) How many can there be??
DSC00033.jpg (53431 bytes) This garage was being built the time the storm hit, but now it gets a new roof.
DSC00035.jpg (67898 bytes) A volunteer picks up shingles and wood on one of the Borgwardt farms.
DSC00036.jpg (35904 bytes)  
DSC00037.jpg (136920 bytes) Strips through woodlots look like this, mile after mile.
DSC00040.jpg (69823 bytes)

Back for lunch, the crews are glad to get a break.  Sub-sandwiches taste mighty good!

DSC00039.jpg (75659 bytes)

DSC00041.jpg (73249 bytes) Valders High School students ready to head out for more, thanks guys!!
DSC00042.jpg (78817 bytes) Waiting for the next assignment.
DSC00044.jpg (52325 bytes) A house on J awaits a roof, siding, and a few windows.
DSC00045.jpg (89673 bytes) Not much left to this one.

I love those doors....  so much that we didn't know was art will soon be gone.

DSC00046.jpg (75263 bytes) Sadly the doors are about all that is spared.  This is the top side of the barn in the above photo.
DSC00047.jpg (87757 bytes) Inside the basement of the same barn, 125 years old?
DSC00048.jpg (49285 bytes) The crew just north of St. Nazianz.
DSC00049.jpg (50985 bytes) The mobile home court is almost gone....
DSC00050.jpg (57646 bytes) Packing one per roll-off unit.
DSC00051.jpg (83183 bytes) This box resting next to where a family's mobile home stood at the St. Nazianz mobile home park says it all.  This is just as it was sitting....
DSC00052.jpg (67652 bytes) A tired but happy Valders crew finishes Marie's homestead on Marken Road.
Img02.jpg (25038 bytes)
The American Red Cross contributed beverages, snacks and sandwiches to the volunteer cleanup effort.

Photo by Dreya Braverman

Img26.jpg (21269 bytes) 

Photo by Dreya Braverman

Img03.jpg (33265 bytes)
Photo by Dreya Braverman

Img27.jpg (22066 bytes)
Photo by Dreya Braverman

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