Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

June 3

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Many of the pictures on this page are the 'after' shots of sites from May 12 and 13 photos, the next few days we will be linking them back to the original shots so you can see the changes the past three weeks.

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DSC00001.jpg (42544 bytes) Manitowoc Quik Trip gets the grills going by 10AM with a "brat fry" fund raiser for St. Nazianz.
DSC00006.jpg (31231 bytes) Fourth grader Kimberly Morton (on left) and helpers unload some of the two truckloads of donated relief items they raised thru her efforts at Helen Keller Elementary School in Green Bay.  Friends and family from across the country also donated cash so she could purchase items she was short on from the 'Wanted' list.

Deliveries were made to the Manitowoc Salvation Army Distribution Center for St. Nazianz this morning. 

DSC00002.jpg (30930 bytes) Little brother organizes as the loads are moved inside by the able crew.  A big thanks to all who donated and assisted!!
DSC00003.jpg (23328 bytes)
DSC00004.jpg (39317 bytes) One of the Salvation Army storage rooms starts to fill up with the donations. Among others,  Ft James Paper donated 75 cases of paper products.  Captain Paul Logan on the right has, like many, been working long hard hours since the storm hit, he coordinates the Manitowoc Salvation Army.
DSC00007.jpg (90942 bytes) A stately farmhouse on English Lake Road awaits siding and roof.
DSC00008.jpg (60484 bytes) Small barn on "C" west of St. Nazianz awaiting insurance review.
DSC00009.jpg (56851 bytes)
DSC00010.jpg (40279 bytes)  
DSC00012.jpg (35593 bytes) With dumpster and construction materials ready, kids get a chance to play ball in their front yard.
DSC00013.jpg (55821 bytes) The County shop looks fairly good, tho it's roped off to visitors, the cleaned up shell of the Village shop on the right.
DSC00014.jpg (60105 bytes)  
DSC00015.jpg (58843 bytes)  
DSC00016.jpg (124191 bytes) Top of the hill looking NW across the park.  A house stood in the foreground till a few days ago. (Remains of home can be seen on 0512-10 photo.)
DSC00017.jpg (174092 bytes) Contractors and owners are proceeding as quickly as they can, one could hear hammers throughout the village today.
DSC00018.jpg (57093 bytes) The former site of Village Restorations.
DSC00019.jpg (94826 bytes) The corner of this building shows the original log cabin structure as demolition continues through out the village.  

A whole section will be published week of June 19 regarding the log cabin.

DSC00021.jpg (99903 bytes) The convent is getting a whole new roof and many windows.
DSC00022.jpg (44101 bytes)  
DSC00023.jpg (55978 bytes) A new roof goes on a section at a time on Church Street.
DSC00025.jpg (92628 bytes) The St. Gregory grotto slowly takes shape again with the help of parishoners.
DSC00026.jpg (69061 bytes)
DSC00027.jpg (54238 bytes) Roof repairs continue on St. Gregory church.
DSC00028.jpg (53825 bytes) Ken Luchinski, son of the owner at this house just south of St Gregory's church, prepares for a new roof on this 1872 post and beam home.  He commented "tell them I'm not taking on any other work!".
DSC00029.jpg (48710 bytes) Some damage to the St. Gregory cemetery.  Can you image the wind and impact needed to break and  tip over these markers??
DSC00030.jpg (53578 bytes)
DSC00031.jpg (41062 bytes) Kimberly and friends get a chance to meet Chief Fritz Koeppen at the hardware store.
DSC00032.jpg (46842 bytes) The seminary woods looking south from the end of West Court, they fared better than the stumps in the foreground, those standing are said to be still alive.
DSC00033.jpg (29258 bytes) St. Nazianz Village President Paul Schnell greets and thanks Kimberly Morton for her efforts in raising relief donations.  Check out that shirt!  We hope to offer them for sale via the Internet and this web site, details soon!
DSC00035.jpg (51335 bytes) Kimberly checks out the neighbor's St Bernard and roofing efforts.
DSC00036.jpg (54236 bytes) OK, don't skip this shot...... notice anything unusual??  This entire house also on West Court has been picked up off its foundation to the left, and spun it almost 60 degrees towards the road with apparently only minimal damage.  The owner is removing the attached garage, and will then move the rest of the house back on to the foundation!  Our hats are off to you!
DSC00037.jpg (33988 bytes) No roof, and doesn't need any window cleaning, look at the view to the west!  Plans for this home are unknown.
DSC00038.jpg (68345 bytes) Two or three homes stood here near the church.
DSC00041.jpg (41009 bytes) Manitowoc business came in just to handle the storm damaged vehicles in the county.

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