Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

June 15

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June 15, 2000, a sunny and pleasant day, lots of outdoor work continues....

0615-1 Another new roof being worked on, this one on CTH "C" west of Hwy 42.
0615-2 Logging continues throughout the damaged area.  This is June 15, in contrast to the color of the woods shown here, all timber outside the storm area is  a full lush green color
0615-3 Remember the May 12 (0512-15) photo?  These folks now have the garage wall and door, and are waiting on windows for the house.
0615-4 Lots of roofing and window projects remain.
0615-5 The corner of "A" and "C".
0615-6 Next place south from there looking for windows...
0615-7 Garage north of Firehouse is gone.  Parking area kept busy with SBA Disaster Loan staff and applicants.
0615-8 Half the firehouse has become their interview area and workspace.  The white board still shows the logistics structure from the Command Center.
0615-10 An SBA staffer fills out an application form with a resident.

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