Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

July 14

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A shed and a barn on CTH 'C' east of St. Nazianz are now gone and all cleaned up. 714-1 and 2

Kunz Builders work on re-roofing this home in the village.  Entire side wall needs to be opened up and re-studded, due to impact of tree that blew against the building.  After that new windows and siding.

Pulling off old cedar shingles is a slow, hard project. Village Restorations and the log cabin building owned by Christine Strouf are graveled lots now.

A load of Bobcat equipment arrives for Miller Implement. A home just east of the old Village Restorations has the new windows installed and awaits siding.



Church Street home. Siding, windows, and facade all done!!

Windows and glass almost done on this home!

714-13 Shingles await a crew, a new home goes up on top of the hill in the background.


The porch roof is completed, but still a long ways to go.....

One of a few new homes going in.....

714-20 Interesting, there used to be a house on the bend where the cloud is......



714-22 New roof, new porch, new dormer, done by owner Mike, his brother Shawn and father shown here.  The large crack in the stonework happened when rain washed out under the right hand side of the porch and it sort of fell into the hole!
This garden had to be planted three times, but the result is worth if for the whole neighborhood.



Everyone does what they can for fix-up, here we see some beautiful stars and trim work done by the owner, Clarence Schad.  He describes the stars as "Sterne der Heimat" which translates to the old German saying "stars of the homeland".




Lots of progress has been made on this home since May 12!


St. Gregory roof work continues.

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