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Community Dev Block Grant 11/27/00

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The State of Wisconsinís Division of Housing and Intergovernmental Relations has awarded Manitowoc County a Community Development Block Grant through the Emergency Assistance Program (CDBG-EAP) following the hail and windstorm that occurred in the county, May 12, 2000.

The funds being awarded to the county will be used to assist in the rehabilitation of housing units damaged during the May 12 storm, according to Nancy H. Crowley, Manitowoc County Emergency Management Director

Brian Schimming, Administrator of Wisconsin Division of Housing and Intergovernmental Relations, will present a check for $249,700 to Manitowoc County Board Chairman Donald Markwardt and St. Nazianz Village President Pau1 Schnell. Schimming will be available for questions about the Manitowoc County award and the emergency assistance program.

To be eligible to receive CDBG-SAP funds, the individual recipient must own and occupy their dwelling unit: the unit must be taxed as real property, and must be low or moderate income at the time of application for funds, Crowley said.

In general, CDBG-EAP activities include: repair, restoration end/or replacement of housing elements and must be in direct response to disaster damage. Activities which are generally eligible include, but are not limited to: furnace and water heater replacement, repair of sewer and water laterals from the lot line to the dwelling unit; well and septic system repair; repair and/or replacement of structural components; provide housing replacement funds equal to or less than the pre-disaster fair market value of the damaged structure: demolition of hazardous structures; and acquisition/relocation.

Crowley said the county is advertising for a contractor to act as an administrator of the program, An Oversight Citizen Committee was appointed by the Manitowoc County Board at the September 26 Board meeting, It is our hope the residents application process will begin in October, Crowley said.


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