Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

Donations-Disaster Relief May 14 7pm

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To: Local Media Agencies

From: Manitowoc County Emergency Management, St. Nazianz Command Post, John Sponholtz

Subject: Donations for Disaster Relief

Donations to assist victims of the storm damage are being accepted at four First National Bank Offices.


St. Nazianz (920) 773-2101


Manitowoc (920) 684-6611


Kiel (920) 894-2215


Newton (920) 726-4266

Monetary donations would be appreciated.  Clothing and food are not needed in St. Nazianz at this time.

Donations may also be forwarded to the Manitowoc Chapter of the American Red Cross and/or the Salvation Army, with notations for St. Nazianz Storm Relief.

Please tell your friends and contacts about our new address (URL) which we began utilizing January5, 2004.  
The webmaster can not provide answers to any questions about emergency operations, 
those should be submitted to Manitowoc County Emergency Management at 920-683-4207. 
If you have photos or articles to submit, or comments about this web site, please e-mail them to the webmaster
fax to 920-693-8772, or bring them to the St. Nazianz Command Center.  

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