Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

Village Restorations Inc.

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This is the photo story of the storm damage to Village Restorations, Inc., and the subsequent decisions to raze the building and close the business, culminating in an antique auction June 24, 2000.

With a home in Valders damaged by the storm, owners Dan and Sarah Carroll did not arrive at the St. Nazianz scene until several hours after the storm, this what they found.  

The east side of the building, located on CTH "C", just one block west of CTH "A".

Their historic storefront, repair and refinishing shops had once been owned by Miller Implement.

The roof and most of the second floor was simply gone, with heavy structural damage.  The roof section which was on top of their building, actually belonged to a different building!  

Note the 2x6 sticking thru the wall!
The flattened section apparently showing where the neighbors roof hit the building.  The impact of that roof hitting their own shifted the building on it's foundation while devasting the second floor and made recovery work fairly dangerous and in some cases impossible.
East side of the building.
Interior wall on the first floor.
Former kitchen on the second floor.
Sarah commented that the crews worked all night on May 12 to clean up the town and make things accessible.  In her case they swept the sidewalk in front of their place and stationed Army Reserves at her storefront all night for security
Second floor where recovery of heirloom items was made very difficult.
The area struck by the neighbors roof section which ended up shifting the entire building.
A portion of the $7000 roof work done in 1998, lies hanging from the building.  Most of the roof was not found.
The clean up crews start behind the Opera House, clearing out one lot and then starting on Village Restorations.
Somehow Sarah's most valuable family item of her own, a set of pictures of relatives, is neatly sitting on the table where she left it.  Tho now drenched in rain and covered by several sections of walls and ceilings, Dan is able to retrieve them and takes them to a photo restoration specialist who is able to salvage them!
Second floor hallway.
Insurance adjusters tell them they can remove any architectural portions of the building they want, here Dan work on removing some of the heating system.
Here is the spray booth where Dan would have have been working if he were to have been there the day of the storm.
Demolition proceeds even with more rain on May 30.
The structure is "compacted" by the backhoe and then loaded in "roll off" units and transported to the landfill site.
Soon it is returned to the vacant lot it once was when first being settled.......

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