Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

Village St Nazianz

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Chair:  Paul Schnell  Cell Phone: 901-3274
Clerk: Kay Mueller  Village Phone: 773-2471
Email address: stnazianz@lakefield.net (routed to Kay first)

JUNE 5, 11:00 PM, now available the May 19, 2000 newsletter sent via US Mail to all St. Nazianz residents.


Regular garbage pick up

Tuesday, May 30

Monday, June 5

Recycling pick up

Monday, June 5

Tuesday, June 6

TUESDAY 5/23/00 1:15 PM

Three dumpsters will be spotted in the Village for remaining debris, usable by any resident.  One just north of Fire House, one just south of Fire House, and one in the park area on west edge of town across from County Shop.

MONDAY 5/22/00 6:30 PM

A representative from the Wis. Dept of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection will be in the Village at the meeting Thursday night May 25 at the Opera House.  They will be available to answer any questions and will have consumer protection information relating to contractors. 

MONDAY 5/22/00 5:00 PM

We are mailing a village newsletter and building permit application to all village residents to address questions that have arisen.

FRIDAY 5/19/00 3:00 PM  

There will two meetings facilitated by the Critical Incident Team of the Manitowoc County Human Services Department: 

Informational meeting for any one in the storm area whose home was destroyed, Monday May 22nd, at 7:00 PM in St. Gregory's Cafeteria, St. Nazianz.

Informational meeting for any one in the storm area whose home was severely damaged, Thursday May 25th at 7:00 PM in the Opera House, St. Nazianz.

Additional information on both meetings can be obtained at 920-683-4894.

WEDNESDAY 5/17/00 2:00 PM  

Building permits are required for all repair, reconstruction, and new construction.  

The permit fee will be waived for all storm related repair work (roofing siding windows). 

The fee waiver will not apply to new construction.  The building inspector can clarify for you which type of construction your project is considered.

WEDNESDAY  5/17/00 10:00 AM

There are pools of money available for financially stressed residents.  Contact Red Cross at St. Gregory and/or Manitowoc County Human Services by phone (683-4275) or visit them at the temporary office (8:30AM-11:30AM and 1:30PM-4:00PM M-F) in "the Silo" at Miller Supply.

The money donated to the banks will be distributed by the Village at a later date.


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