Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

Village of Valders

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Chair:  Don Resar   Phone: 775-4024

Clerk:  Lori Bruckner   Phone:  775-4522 at the Village Hall

Police Chief: Bill Riesterer   Mobile:  1-920-323-9635


5/25/00 2:00PM  No building permits are required for storm damage repairs. For repairs to replace exactly what was damaged there is no permit or fee. However if you will be making an upgrade to your property when making your repairs. a building permit is required. I.E Examples: Non insulated windows to insulated or bowed window Wood siding to vinyl. If you are not certain whether your repairs require a permit. please have your contractor contact the Village Office at 775-4522 or stop at 207 S Liberty Street.

We are suggesting to all property owners that they have their contractors register at the Village Office, to file the following pertinent information: If they are accepting additional work, references, contractors certificate of insurance (liability and workers camp), and state contractors license. This should not impose any undo hardship as reputable contractors do this routinely. Many of the residents due to the lack of contractor availability may have to use contractor’s whose work reputation we are unfamiliar with By doing the above we can all help each other out by creating a contractor availability listing with references. We also want to make residents aware not to give any contractor monies up front, until you have the information above. It is for your own protection. Most contractors are reputable, but there are some who are not, please beware.

If anyone needs assistance, do not hesitate to call the Village Office (920-775-4522) and we will try to assist you n anyway possible or direct you to someone who can.

Lon Bruckner

[webmaster: we will be posting an up to date Approved Contractor List here as soon as available from the Village.]

05/18/00 9:00PM  No building permits required for those repairing damage due to the storm 
[clarified above].

40 yard dumpster located at Village Shop for any kind of debris.

Village Office does have available consumer protection information available relating to contractors.

Emotional support and information meeting will be held Thursday, May 25th, at 7:00 PM in the Community Center, 420 N. Liberty, Valders for anyone affected by the storm.  Additional meetings will be held in the area, to be announced.  Facilitated by the Critical Incident Team of the Manitowoc County Human Services Department.  Additional information can be obtained at 920-683-4894.

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