Historical archive Covering the May 12, 2000 "St. Nazianz Storm" and Recovery  

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Volunteers wanted for June 24, 2000 "Join Hands Day" sponsored by Lutheran Brotherhood, offering trees and tree planting to the storm damaged area, see that section for full details.

There is no organized team volunteer structure in place for the weekdays after May 15, 2000, other than the Rural Cleanup concluded May 23.
Many individual residents still require assistance.  If you come to St. Nazianz, the Command Center may be able to direct you to individuals needing cleanup assistance, also check with Salvation Army and Red Cross supervisors.  
If you are looking for specific things to give or get please fax (920) 693-8772 or email the webmaster and your ads will be posted to this web site's classified section.

Green Bay donation drive was looking for volunteers to assist there with organizing and loading materials, and were in need of a truck and driver to transport items to Manitowoc the weekend of May 27-28 or June 3, that operation has been arranged for and will be completed June 3rd, look for photos that weekend!

The Rural Cleanup Volunteer Workday Originally set for May 20 was rescheduled for May 23 and then completed, thanks for all your help!!!

See the Photos sections for pics about how things went and what we saw along the way...

See the Press Release for all details about plans for it....

Rules for Volunteers       

Rules for Volunteers, provided by Manitowoc County Emergency Management, St. Nazianz Command Post, May 13, 2000  

These rules apply to work on May 13, 20, and 23 of 2000, and all other dates as well!

You must register!

  1. Wear name tag at all times
  2. Stay with your assigned groups
  3. Wear your safety equipment at all times in sectors while working
  4. No freelancing, follow team leader's direction
  5. Work smart and safely
  6. Stay hydrated and take breaks as needed
  7. Watch out for fellow workers
  8. Report all injuries to the team leader (ALL INJURIES WILL BE CHECKED BY EMS)
  9. Before leaving for the day report to the team leader


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